What To Look For When Selecting An Influencer Marketing Agency

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The number of agencies providing help to brands with influencer marketing has risen in recent years. Finding influencers can be a challenge. It takes time to research them, train them, execute agreements with them, compensate them and make sure they do their work. So it's not surprising that some brands would want outsourcing this task to professionals.

The next step is to choose which of the many generalist and special agencies who claim to help. The following are eight factors to separate the experts from wannabes and assist you in your search for the right influencer marketing agency a bit less confusing. The most effective way to market influencers is joe sinkwitz intellifluence.

Sinkwitz Intellifluence Experience

Since influencer marketing has been in existence for more than 15 years and many agencies have lots of knowledge. Simply asking for relevant cases studies that relate to your field and your goals (i.e. website traffic, in-store sales, etc.) This is an excellent way to begin building relationships with others.

Criteria for Selection of Influencers

Back then, finding an influencer usually was about finding someone who had created material that was related to your field and who seemed to fit the branding sinkwitz intellifluence. Today, we can examine the composition of an influencer's followers to ensure that their audience is in sync with the audience of the brand. We can determine the saturation rate of their posts -- meaning the percentage of content they create that's sponsored to ensure that it's not overly high. We can determine whether they've mentioned rivals in recent blog posts. We can check whether their language matches brand standards.

It is unacceptable to use "brand fit" when there are so many advanced filtering methods available today.

Criteria for Content Evaluation

Our influencers have contributed hundreds to thousands of pieces of that have been branded over the last several years. What we discovered when analyzing this dataset is that there's a lot of variance in performance from the same piece of content. It is not surprising that certain content performs better than others as well as content produced by brands or their creative agencies.

How does an agency assess each piece of content once it's live?

You should score content based on the organicity of its performance in terms of likes and comments. But, it's essential to look over comments to identify inauthentic, off-topic, or bought comments.

Targeting Strategy

An agency that's simply offering to find the right influencers, manage them and provide briefs for a brand isn't adding much value to the modern marketing mix.

Organic content from influencers reaches a certain subset of the influencer's followers (usually around 9% in our experience, however that varies based on what social media platforms are used).

What strategies does the agency employ to ensure that the content is reaching the right target audience? The high-performing content scored in Step No. 3 is now able to be increased with a pay-per-click strategy to reach the right intended audience.

Measurement Strategy

This topic deserves an entire article on measuring influencer marketing. One of the most important questions to ask influencer agencies is how they count impressions from the content. Are they calculating one impression for each follower that an influencer has? If so, given the approximately 9% organic reach number it is an approach that is overstating reach by more than 10 times. Can they report on true opinions of the content only?

Additionally, engagement rate and reach aren't directly linked to sales, so measuring impressions or engagements is not enough. What other business metrics could an agency track other rather than vanity metrics? There are a variety of advanced measurement methods available right moment. You can choose from the numerous agencies that offer those.

Optimization Strategy

A lot of influencer campaigns rely on influencers generating their content according to the calendar, and then watching to observe what happens. However, all other forms of marketing that is digitally-based is optimised generally daily to ensure maximum the effectiveness of the campaign.

Influencer marketing can be improved too and everything from posts to the types of content, the way we target influencers and even their profiles being adapted as they move. What's the agency's plan for optimization?

Content Rights

Branded content is a major investment by the brands. Different agencies have their own agreements with influencers on what rights the brand owns to the content. In the best case the brand gets a lifetime license to reuse content on any platform. Ask the agency what rights your brand would have in relation to the content that is being created.

Guaranteed Results

What results can the agency promise their clients? Can the agency provide deliverables, such as the quantity and quality of content pieces or influencers which will be created? Are they able to promise more, like the volume of traffic to a certain website? What happens if they fail to reach these guarantees? What recourses are available to the company?

While it's difficult to guarantee sales in the context of agency partnerships, influencer agencies can still promise specific results for engagements, views, or web traffic.


Choosing an agency of any type isn't an easy task, as one can start to sound similar to another. These eight criteria will help you filter through the list and find the best subset to support your business's growth.